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Composite dental fillings Wilton Manors FL

Versatile Fillings That Preserve Enamel

What would you say if we told you that we could repair your tooth without as much preparation as what is needed for a traditional filling? Because of the unique way composite material bonds to teeth, they require less preparation than metal fillings. In essence, we are building your tooth back up, and all that needs to be removed is the area of decay - not large portions of tooth to hold the filling in place. The unique bonding relationship allows composite fillings to be placed in areas where traditional fillings can’t.

A Cosmetic Approach To Dental Fillings

Composite fillings are made of materials that match tooth enamel. It comes in a variety of shades and is matched so that the new restoration blends right in with your tooth; so well, that you shouldn’t even be able to see the filling. For that reason, many people choose composite fillings to repair their decay, as well as to replace aging silver fillings.

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Review from Michelle R.
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Five stars

Michelle R.

Sooo glad I found this place!! The dentist and staff are so awesome, friendly and helpful!!! πŸ’– The office is really nice and couldn't be any happier I found great people to take care of my teeth!! 😊
Review from Kevin C.
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Five stars

Kevin C.

Always top service.....always treated with respect and dignity. Such a welcoming environment. I have referred several people to this office, and they have told me they feel the same.
Review from Esther B.
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Five stars

Esther B.

Great service, care and hospitality from everyone at Wilton Manors Dental!
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