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Surgical and Emergency Extractions

Itโ€™s always our goal to help our patients retain their natural teeth. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that call for having a tooth removed rather than being able to restore it. Severe decay, pain, or impacted wisdom teeth are classic examples of why some teeth are removed. We provide full-service extractions to help your smile be healthy, comfortable, and free of disease.

Comfort First

At Sunny Dental of Wilton Manors, our first priority is your comfort. We offer traditional local anesthesia as well as laughing gas and even oral conscious sedation to help maintain a pain-free experience for our patients. Once maximum comfort is achieved, Dr. George works carefully and precisely to remove the affected tooth, all the while re-assessing the comfort of his patients.

What Comes Next?

Weโ€™ll give you a detailed home care plan to ensure a full and quick recovery that diminishes the risk of complications. We will also review tooth replacement options with you so that we can have a plan of action to follow your extraction.

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Review from Michelle R.
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Five stars

Michelle R.

Sooo glad I found this place!! The dentist and staff are so awesome, friendly and helpful!!! ๐Ÿ’– The office is really nice and couldn't be any happier I found great people to take care of my teeth!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Review from Kevin C.
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Five stars

Kevin C.

Always top service.....always treated with respect and dignity. Such a welcoming environment. I have referred several people to this office, and they have told me they feel the same.
Review from Esther B.
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Five stars

Esther B.

Great service, care and hospitality from everyone at Wilton Manors Dental!
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